The Chamber Music Network

Technology Grant Guidelines


Sunday, March 21, 2021, 11:59 pm EST



ACMP supports Chamber Music Workshops and Community Music Programs in the efforts to achieve active chamber music participation over the Internet through online and hybrid programs. 

Chamber music is defined as small ensemble playing or singing, without a conductor.



ACMP Technology Grants are open to organizations, ensembles and individuals from all over the world who are actively investing in the necessary equipment, technical staff, technical training and software subscriptions to create meaningful and fully interactive online and hybrid chamber music programs for amateur musicians of all ages. Applicants do not need to have charitable or non-profit status.



ACMP Technology Grant funding can be used for these types of expenses:

  • The purchase of equipment by the organizer to lend out to its faculty and participants, including but not limited to: microphones, audio interface boxes, cables, microphone stands, computers, tablets, adapters, etc. (Please note that ACMP members get a custom discount on equipment through Sweetwater. See the ACMP Member Discounts page for information.)
  • Fees for Technical Staff
  • The cost of technical training for faculty and participants
  • Software subscriptions (such as JamKazam or Learning Management Systems) for faculty and participants
  • The cost of running a server (such as a private server for Jamulus)
  • If you come up with another related expense, please explain it in your application!



  • The maximum request amount is $2,500. ACMP does not support more than 50% of project costs.
  • NOTE: Applicants may include the value of in-kind services and donated equipment as Income in their total Technology Budget
  • This is a grant to the Organization, rather than to one or more of its specific programs: Organizations may apply for only one Technology Grant per grant cycle
  • Applications must be written in English and submitted using the online application form


Successful applicants are asked to acknowledge ACMP, using the correct credit language and ACMP logo, available here.

ACMP receives more grant requests than can be supported. The decisions of the Grants Review Committee are final.


Complete the online application to apply.


Applicants are notified of committee review outcomes 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of a completed application. Successful applicants must fill out an acceptance form, available here