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ACMP DROP IN and PLAY CHAMBER MUSIC Month - October 2018

Meet new people - prepare and play great music together in the spirit of ACMP


♦  Pick a piece

♦  Pick a date

♦  Find new people to play with

♦  Players prepare their parts




October is ACMP Drop-in and Play month! This new program is a great way to gather together, meet new friends – ACMP members and others – and work on a favorite piece of music.

An ACMP Drop-in and Play session focuses on playing one piece of music on a day that works for you in October. Unlike a Play-in, you will spend the time working with an ensemble of players on a piece you’ve selected and prepared in advance.

Players will reach out to other players in their area who they don’t regularly play with, especially new ACMP members or people they’ve met at workshops during the summer.

Here’s how to plan a Drop-in and Play event:

  1. Sponsor a Drop-in and Play event! Anyone can host one anywhere. (Drop-ins are initiative by ACMP members, not the ACMP office).
  2. Select a piece of music that you’d like to explore
  3. Select a date, time and place – plan ahead to give time for players to prepare their parts
  4. Invite others to join you – at least 4 – 6 weeks before the date – specifically for the parts in the piece. If you have a regular ensemble, reach out to different players. Players will sign up in advance. Once you have the players you need, sign-up is closed.
  5. On the day, have all your players DROP IN  and PLAY
  6. Let the ACMP office know about your event and send us photos/videos, which will be posted here, in the News in Brief article, and the newsletter

ACMP members can use the Find Players online messaging system to contact players, as well as through their networks. Participants don’t have to be ACMP members – we hope it might encourage new people to join us! 

Example of a message to people in your area.

Subject – ACMP Drop-in, NYC, October 13, 2-4pm. Dvorak String Quintet #3

Hi ACMP friends,

I will be hosting a Drop-in on Oct 13, 2-4:30pm in my apartment on West 74th Street, NYC, ACMP’s new program to meet new players and explore a great piece of music. One of my favorite pieces that I rarely get to play is Dvorak’s String Quintet No. 3 (2 violas). I play viola so I’m looking for another violist, violins 1 and 2 and a cellist. Parts must be prepared in advance of the Drop-in. Please let me know by September 28 if you would like to join me to explore this terrific piece as part of ACMP Drop-in  and Play Month. Once I have the quintet in place, sign-up will be closed.


Mary Smith, NYC, viola, expert

Some ACMP members have sent in suggestions of pieces that are easier to play that would work for a Drop in and Play session. This is by no means a comprehensive list and does not cover all instruments. This is just intended as a guide to the level and type of pieces some members are considering. Suggestions of additional pieces for other instrumentation are welcome and will be added here.

  • Dvorak Piano Trio Dumky Op. 90 (IMSLP link)

  • Niels Gade op 42 (score link). This piano trio is great fun to play without spending months at the piano to be able to play it.. There is also score for viola instead of the cello (recommended by a member in Denmark) 
  • Beethoven Piano Quartet - No.3 woO 36 (IMSLP link)

  • Boccherini Piano Quintet No. 6 G.418, C major (IMSLP link)

  • Mozart Flute Quartet in D Major, K.285 (IMSLP link). Watch video teaser:

Tommaso Benciolini, flute; Johanna Marie Ainomäe, violin; Sandra Hiie, viola; Aike Randmann, cello

  • Mozart Clarinet Quintet (for clarinet in A) (IMSLP link)

  • Mozart Oboe Quartet (IMSLP link) (note the oboe part is quite difficult but string parts are straightforward)

  • Haydn Quartet in D major, Op. 20, No 4 (IMSLP link)

  • Haydn String Quartet Opus 42 in D minor (IMSLP link). Watch video teaser: 

Attacca Quartet plays the 2nd movement:


Photos from the ACMP Worldwide Play-in weekend 2018