Eliot Lev


Students & Online Coaching

Eliot coaches both individuals and ensembles at beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing levels. Eliot is open to online coaching sessions and lessons.

Background & Offerings

I'm a tenured violinist with the San Francisco Symphony with years of teaching experience. I love working with students of all levels and have taught violinists between the ages of 4 and 65. I especially enjoy working adults of all levels. My goal is to keep fostering my students' affinity for music while helping them out with whatever technical and artistic challenges their favorite repertoire may pose. We usually choose the pieces together, and I am equally open to solo, chamber, or orchestral repertoire of different eras and genres. Because all students possess their own unique skill set and one-of-a-kind personality, I believe it is very important to cover more than just the notes on the page. I take a more comprehensive approach which coaches the individual as well as the musician. Here are a few of the topics I address in my lessons: body awareness/injury prevention, developing musicianship, the art of practicing, creating performance opportunities for all levels, cultivating a stage presence, performance preparation, including meditation and centering techniques, audition-taking skills, the joy of making music. For more information about the violin lessons and to see the studio policy, please visit


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