Tessa Brinckman

Alto Flute Bass Flute Piccolo Flute

Students & Online Coaching

Tessa coaches both individuals and ensembles at beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing levels. Tessa is open to online coaching sessions and lessons.

Background & Offerings

I enjoy sharing my expertise from decades of professional experience in all kinds of chamber music - traditional and modern, large and small, with hugely diverse instrumentation and cultural roots. That means collaborating with you to find effective physical and musical solutions, with an informed imagination about the worlds of sound. My website at will tell you a lot about my past and current musical practices as both a flutist and composer. I'm particularly interested in how our bodies can feel creative ease when we play together.

Here is the root of the matter. What kind of artist do you want to be? And what will you add to the table?


  • Early Music
  • Standard Repertoire
  • Contemporary Music
  • Improvisation, extended modern techniques, interdisciplinary media, baroque flute


New York 10033