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Find teachers and coaches who work with adult amateur chamber music players. Coaching may be for individual players or ensembles.

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Inclusion in the coaches and teachers database does not represent an endorsement by ACMP, whose only interest is in providing information that we believe will be helpful to adult amateur chamber music players.

Name Instruments Taught Location
Stuart King Bass Clarinet, Clarinet London, LND, United Kingdom
Harry WIMMER Piano, String Instruments New York, NY, United States
ac gonzalez Violin barcelona, Spain
Sheila Reinhold Viola , Violin Denver, CO, United States
Mark Laycock String Instruments Berlin, Germany
Roxanne Michaelian Piano, Piano 4 Hands, Piano Left Hand, Piano Right Hand Rohnert Park, CA, United States
Andrea Rush Piano Toronto, ON, Canada
Jeffrey Specht Brass Instruments, Orchestra, String Instruments, Voices (Multiple Soloists), Woodwind Instruments Redding, CA, United States
Audrey Lynn Epstein M.S. Ed. Violin New York, NY, United States
Maiko Sasaki Clarinet Bonita Springs, FL, United States
Joyce Kouffman Alto Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Drum Set, Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Electronic Instruments, Flageolet, Guitar, Keyboard Instrument, Orchestra, Percussion, Piano, Piano Left Hand, Piano Right Hand, Saxophone, Snare Drum, Soprano Saxophone, String Instruments, Ukulele, Violin, Violoncello, Woodwind Instruments Point Reyes Station/Marin County/Alameda County, CA, United States
Jessica Ivry Violoncello Oakland, CA, United States
Bo-Kyung Park Piano, Viola , Violin, Violoncello, Woodwind Instruments New York, NY, United States
Claudia Knafo Piano New York, NY, United States
Adrian Norris Horn Evans, GA, United States
Paul Smith Orchestra, Satb Choir Brookline, MA, United States
Eliot Lev Violin San Francisco, United States
Alex Greenbaum Continuo (Basso Continuo), String Instruments, Violoncello San Diego, CA, United States
Theresa Lier Violin Bonn, Germany
Sandy Schipior Violin New York, NY, United States
Rebecca Shaw Contrabass, Viola da Gamba , Viola , Violin, Violoncello Woburn, MA, United States
Maureen Caisse Piano, Violoncello Sebastopol, CA, United States
Kristian Anker Rasmussen Piano Vanløse, Denmark
Jo-Ann Sternberg Clarinet, Woodwind Instruments NY, NY, United States
Yuri Namkung Viola , Violin New York, NY, United States
Calvin Wiersma Viola , Violin Dobbs Ferry , NY, United States
Jeffrey Sykes Piano, Piano 4 Hands, Voice (Solo), Voices (Multiple Soloists) Alameda, CA, United States
Kathryn Bates String Instruments, Violoncello San Francisco, CA, United States
Kim Foster Viola , Violin Brooklyn, NY, United States
Maxine Neuman Alto Recorder, Bass Recorder, Flute, Piano, Soprano Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Viola da Gamba , Viola , Violin, Violoncello New York, NY, United States
Zoia Bologovsky Viola , Violin Stoneham, MA, United States
Mandy Fleener Children's Choir, Female Choir, Piano, Piano 4 Hands, Ssa Choir, String Instruments, Unison Chorus Rolleston, New Zealand
Wesley Rhodes Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Eb Clarinet Wilson, NC, United States
Gregor Hrabar Viola , Violin Berlin, Germany
Daniel Nathan Slatkin Viola , Violin Essex, CT, United States
Dorothy Robbins Violoncello Brooklyn, NY, United States
Nancy Oliveros Violin Saint Paul, MN, United States
Katherine Shields String Instruments Chandler, AZ, United States
Elizabeth Alvarez Viola , Violin Cumming, GA, United States
Julia Adams String Instruments, Viola  Portland, ME, United States
John R. Dexter, II String Instruments New York, NY, United States
Lee Ann Chivers Flute Phoenix, AZ, United States
Jorge Gardos Violin Warwick, RI, United States
Ruth Klein Cook Orchestra, String Instruments, Viola , Violin Camillo, Western Australia, Australia
Ira Jack Gutzeit Violin Delray Beach, FL, United States
Walter A. Schreiber Violin Nürnberg, Germany
Marjana Rutkowski Violoncello Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Ross Adam DeBardelaben String Instruments Coral Gables, FL, United States
David Yang String Instruments Philadelphia, PA, United States
Franz Jurgen Dorsam Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Dulcian Mannheim, Germany