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ACMP Virtual Worldwide Play-In: March 20 & 21, 2021

The ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend is an annual celebration of chamber music for pleasure! Each March, this grassroots event unites people of all ages and abilities through their common love of chamber music and in honoring J.S. Bach in the month of his birth. Passionate chamber musicians will not be thwarted by a worldwide pandemic –

This year the Worldwide Play-In will be VIRTUAL:
March 20 and 21, somewhere in Cyberspace 

Join us in making joyous music together on JamKazam, Jamulus, Sonobus…or any other program you and your friends are exploring. If you’re not quite ready to embrace this new technology, consider a chamber music “Play Along” party on Zoom! Sure, you can’t really play together that way, but you can “screen share” a recording, mute yourselves and play along – and socialize in between.

We are calling on you to organize some online musical fun, which ACMP will promote to our whole community. Even if your Play-In event is small or private, we would love to know about it, so everyone knows you are there! 

Organizers can register their Play-Ins and all participants can get up-to-date information on all events here:


There is no deadline for information – but the sooner the better, so we can include your Play-In in ACMP’s publicity campaign. 

The good news:

A Virtual Worldwide Play-In makes it possible for all of us to join in on sessions and make new friends all over the world! As long as you have an Ethernet cable (and an Ethernet adapter for your computer) and some headphones or ear buds – you can enjoy JamKazam and Jamulus without fancy equipment and pop in on all kinds of open sessions to play, listen or just say hi!

A Few Suggestions for Finding One Another:

Please join the ACMP Members Group on Facebook, so you can post real-time updates about your Play-In event (including your Jamulus server, for example)


For all participants, but especially hosts - please add “ACMP” to your profile name (I would be “ACMP Stephanie”) on the Worldwide Play-Ins so we can all find you on the servers. Closer to the date, ACMP will create an online document for you to announce your server right before starting your session.


If you are creating an open session for the Worldwide Play-In, please include “ACMP” in the session title. Please list your JamKazam session on ACMP’s Events Page. If you are an ACMP member, you can also post it in the Forum.

If anyone would like to stream a JamKazam Play-In to YouTube, please include that in your survey, and email Fear not: we know this is a sight-reading party and will not archive the videos! It’s just a way for more people to enjoy the fun!

(Speaking of which: please share your online screenshots and “selfies” with ACMP after the event.)

Not quite ready for online chamber music? ACMP is here to help:



Contact about ACMP’s 50% discount on one-year JamKazam “Gold Plans” and see our Member Discounts page for details on our custom discount on gear from Sweetwater


Susan Alexander’s article on JamKazam, including an easy how-to guide

Stephanie Griffin’s article on Jamulus, linking to another easy how-to guide

Tech Support:

Log into the ACMP website and contact a member of our Technology Task Force

You can do this! We know you can!

Read about past ACMP Worldwide Play-In in The New York Times!