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8 ways for violinists to improve posture - from The Strad

The Strad has compiled eight tips from its pages which give "advice for violinists on establishing a relaxed and stable posture for optimal performance, and avoiding strain and injury."

If you have some extra time this summer, take a look at all these tips to avoid tension and strain as you practice and play. Tip one below - read the complete article here.

For standing position, a good stance may be achieved by bearing in mind that your body weight rests primarily on your left leg. Remember that the violin rests on your left side and is the reason for the principal weight on that side for balance. Do not spread your legs too far apart. Twelve to fourteen inches is enough to give you proper balance. Keep your knees flexed, do not stiffen, and your right leg must be relaxed. When shifting your weight, your right leg may move forward; always return to the normal position with the right leg and do not start walking. Moving around is not a good habit. Think of Jascha Heifetz whose legs were like a tree trunk. Focus all of your movement on your hands and keep your mind solely focused on the music.
Aaron Rosand, The Strad, 2014