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The Institute

20 May, 2019 to 20 June, 2019
International  Institute for Intensive Quartet Studies
International Institute for Intensive Quartet Studies

International Institute for Intensive Quartet Studies

2019 is the inagural year for our week-long residential program, which is meant for advanced conservatory-level musicians who wish to explore the finer points of ensemble work and musical interpretation within the specific chamber-music context of the string quartet. The program will provide scholarships to all accepted students and will be located in a beautiful and rural campus in Maine.

This quote is a philosophical starting point for The Institute:  “Bobby deeply respected and understood the necessary interplay of rational and irrational thought and feeling requisite to great art of any kind, and he helped each of us welcome both into our musical and personal lives, expression, and process.”

— Living former members of the Juilliard String Quartet, remembering Robert Mann.

The International Institute for Intensive Quartet Studies will be a world-class musical training program, with an extremely narrow focus: teaching advanced string players the delicate art of making the four members of a string quartet act as a single instrument. Rehearsal techniques, effective use of real-time wordless communication in matters of musical interpretation, tuning, rhythm, and other performance elements will be studied.