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SFEMS Medieval & Renaissance Workshop

30 June, 2019 to 6 July, 2019

Sine nomine: Celebrating Anonymous Composers and Songs with No Name

This year, we will celebrate two kinds of music with no name. First, we will explore works by anonymous composers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Too many compositions are overlooked because their author is unknown. 

Second, we will explore works called Missa Sine nomine (“Mass Without a Name”). Masses built on a song whose identity remains unknown. 

If you are looking for works by those great composers, never fear. We will compare anonymous music to works by known masters. In some cases, we will identify lost models for masses and attribute anonymous compositions to some of the great composers of the era. 

By the end of the week, we think you will concur that some of the greatest composers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance are anonymous. 

Adam Gilbert, Workshop Director, recorder and double reeds
Bianca Hall, Workshop Assistant Director, voice and Renaissance song

Malachai Komanoff Bandy, viol and beginning viol
Adam Bregman, sackbut, winds and reeds
Karen Clark, voice
Rotem Gilbert, recorders and reeds
Shira Kammen, vielle and fiddle
David Morris, viol
Mary Springfels, viol and vielle