The Chamber Music Network

Chamber Music Workshop

21 June, 2020 to 28 June, 2020

In its third year, the Chamber Music Workshop in beautiful Harvard, MA, is an intensive, immersive, community-embedded experience, with coaches violinist Judith Eissenberg, cellist Rhonda Rider, and pianist Judith Gordon at the helm!  Summer of 2020 is our 'expansion' year - we are inviting two very special musicans to join in the coaching - more to come on that! Daily rehearsals and coachings take place at various venues in the community, many of them open to the public. This devoted public also houses many of the participants, volunteers to cook and serve communal dinners, offers their beautiful homes for rehersals, masterclasses, and other events offered throughout the week.  There are six openings for pre professional, preformed groups, and four openings for experienced amateurs groups, also pre-formed. Amateur groups may sign up for 1-6 days; however, if a group decides to stay for 5 days or up to the full week, the festival will provide free housing.  Less than 5 days, groups must find their own houseing. Daily fee for experienced amateurs is $150 /person. Application info may be found on the website.