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APA Chamber Music Festival 2018

25 February, 2018

APA Chamber Music Festival 2018

Theme: Learn the European(including Russian) traditional music style
Under the theme above, we will enjoy ensembles with 6 tutors(they are also notable professional players and professors of the college of music.)
This festival is one of APA’s original events, and APA and ACMP are considering a joint work from this year.  We are looking forward to hosting a number of participants.
DATE:  Feb. 25 (Sun) 10:00 – 18:00   2018
PLACE:   Showa University of Music ,  South Campus  ( Kawasaki City,  Japan )


The Ensemble course with Guest Tutors : category A
Guest tutor: Prof. Komoriya(Vn), Mr. Matsumi(Va), Mr. Furukawa(Va) and Prof. Mitani(Pf) will play 3 pieces from the music listed below.  Please choose the music and apply to the festival commission by Nov. 15(Wed)

The number of groups:    12
Entry Fee:        2500 yen x number of the players /75 minutes

Music                                      Publisher  Tutor      Entry parts

1.    Mozart String Quartet “Spring”or”Dissonnance” BE  Matsumi    Vn1,2 VC
2.    Mozart String Quintet K516 or K593            BE  Matsumi    Vn1,2VA2,Vc
3.    Beethoven String Quartet Op.59,74,95          HE  Furukawa  Vn1,2 Va
4.    Beethoven String Quartet Op.127,132          HE  Matsumi    Vn1,2 VC
5.    Brahms  String Sextet  No.2                 HE  Furukawa  Vn1,2Va1,2Vc2
6.    Arensky  String Quartet No.2                 Kun  Furukawa  Vn,Va,Vc2
7.    Brahms Piano Quartet No.1                   HE  Mitani     Vn,Va,Vc
8.    Brahms Piano Quartet No.2                   HE  Komoriya    Pf,Va,Vc
9.    Dovorak Piano Quintet                        Si   Mitani     Vn11,2VaVc
10.    Faure Piano Quintet No.1                     KA  Mitani     Vn1,2Va,Vc
11.    Beethoven Septet                           HE  Komoriya    1,Fg,Hr,Va,Vc,Cb
12.    Schubert Octet                              BE  Komoriya  Cl,Fg,Hr,Va2,Va,Vc,Cb
The Ensemble course with Guest Tutors : category B and C
In this course, participants do not perform a rehearsal in advance. They will play music with Ms. Sato, who will teach them about North European Music and Ms. Oshima about Russian chamber music .  There will be no rehearsal beforehand,
B  The participants with Ms.Oshima  will choose music from the followings
13.     Siberius     String Quartet (Voces Intimae)     Li  Sato   Vn2,Va,Vc
14.     Nielsen      String Quintet Gmajor (1888)     Sam Sato    Vn2,Va,Vc

C.  The participants with Ms.Oshima  will choose music from the followings
15. Shostakovich  Piano Quintet                   Sik    Oshima  Pf,Vn1,2,Vc
16. Tchaikovsky  String Sextet                    IMC    Oshima, Vn1,2 Va2,Vc1,2

Application deadline: Nov.15(Wed)      
Entry fee     2000yen

GROUP ENTRY  Applicaion  
Masterclass application deadline: Dec.15
Tutors :Ms. Sato and Ms. Oshima
2-3 groups for each Tutor
Tuition fee: 2500yen/15min.   max.45min.   
It will be determined for details from now on.
Application deadline:  Nov. 15 (Wed)
Entry fee: 3000yen/5min.   + stage rehearsal 1500yen/10 min.
Practice room rehearsal:  free(30 min.)    3000yen(1 hour)
Group entry restriction: your group should be consisted with three or more players .
Please choose the music that not only players but also audience could enjoy listening.
The fee of a performance is charged every 5 minutes and the max. performance time is 30 min. The Performance time includes fixed  2minute tuning beforehand.
e.g.  as for 14 munites music:  application time is 14 min. + 2 min. = 16min.
     fee:   3000yen  x 4 =12000yen

Mini Concert: more than two groups joint concert

Application deadline:  Nov.15 (Wed)

The leader of the each regular performance group and other group will recruit the participants and prepare decides suitable place and required performance time.
Entry fee:  1500yen/5min.   practice room rehearsal: 500yen/10 min.
Please make  reservation for a time frame and the concert room in advance.

In relation to the performance of Japanese composers related to the 2020 Tokyo Cultural Olympiad, Please inquire the bbs-FB regular performance group (Mr. Tabe) .

INDIVIDUAL ENTRY of the Reserved and Open Ensemble will be notified later.

(1)    Reserved Ensemble   
One performance    1000 yen/person
You can enjoy reserved Ensemble by requesting with your favored music in advance.
(2)    Open Ensemble    Entry fee     1000yen/day
An Open ensemble is an ensemble corner which can participate without prior preparation freely.
Anyone could play and at the free of charge for the first trial music.

APPLICATION of the Concert and Masterclass
Participants are requested to register “By mail from the leader” including:
1.     Name of the Group (or the leader’s name)
2.     Entry members name, music instrument
3.    Title of the music, Movements, performance time
4.    Rehearsal room:   required or not
5.    Introduction of the group (the entry reason…etc.  about 90 words)
6.    The Leader’s name, e-mail..)
Prepaid : 800yen,  1000yen(for the day)  high school students: 500yen
Non-APA/ACMP performance member:   +500yen

*The payment of fees of the mini concerts and the concerts , should be made by the leader of each group in one lump sum.

Nov. 15   (Wed)    Concert, Miniconcert   application deadline
Nov.15   (Wed)     Ensemble with the guests, Special reserved Ensemble   deadline
Dec.15   (Fri)      Individual Entry       the first deadline
Dec. 15  (Fri)      Concert Miniconcert     the second deadline
Jan.6 (sat)         Individual Entry   the second deadline
                   adjust the members of the Ensembles .
Jan. 14           the final schedule announcement

Rehearsal beforehand
The participants could take a part in the Ensemble rehearsal which will be set up at the APA club room ( Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo) on the following date.
Feb. 10, 2018   10:00 – 20:00
Feb. 11, 2018   10:00 – 20:00

Reception Party
18:30 at Pizza Restaurant near Shin Yurigaoka
Let’s get together with guests and participants and Talk about MUSIC!!
TRATTORIA RIANA       near ShinYurigaoka station

Tel  044 9532520         fee(budget):   3500 yen

CONTACT: Aministration Office:   Mikio Tabe



The year of 2017 Annual Meeting – Group Entry (deadline:Nov. 15(Wed)

1.     (Concert, Mini concert) the name of the group
2.    Entry members (address and e-mail of nonmembers)  and Parts
3.    The title of the music, movements and the performance time
4.    The rehearsal required or not
5.    The group introduction
6.    The contact of the leader(email address)
Member no., country and name

The deadline of the Ensemble or individual Entry with the guests:Nov.15(Wed)

The practice in advance:  YES  or  NO:  Nov.10  am     pm    night
     Nov.11   am    pm    night

Please choose the music from the followngs
The first choice:◎ the second choice ○ the third choice △

Circle the publisher if you need the music(score)楽譜
A.     The tutos:  Vn Prof.Komoriya,Va Mr.Matsumi,Vc Mr.Furukawa,Pf Prof.Mitani
              Music,  Publisher,   Tutor,   parts
(    ) 1.Mozart StringQuartet “Spring“or”Dissonance”/Be/Va Matsumi/Vn1, 2, Vc
(    ) 2.Mozart String Quintet K.516 or593 /Be/ Va Matsumi/Vn1, 2,Va2, Vc
(    ) 3.Beethoven String Quartet Op.59,74,95 /He/ Vc Furukawa/ Vn1, 2, Va
(    ) 4 Beethoven String Quartet Op.127, or 132 /He/ Va Matsumi/ Vn1, 2, Vc
(    ) 5 Brahms String Sextet No.2 /He/ Vc Furukawa / Vn1,2 / Va 1, 2 / Vc2
(    ) 6 Arensky Sring Quartet No.2 /Kun / Vc Furukawa / Vn, Va, Vc2
(    ) 7 Brahms Piano Quartet No.1 /He / Pf Mitani / Vn,Va,Vc
(    ) 8 Brahms Piano Quartet N0.3 /He / Vn Komoriya / Pf, Va,Vc
(    ) 9 Dovorak Piano Quintet  / Si / PfMitani / Vn1,2 Va, Vc
(    )10 Faure Piano Quintet No.1 /Ka / Pf Mitani /Vn1, 2, Va, Vc
(    )11 Beethoven Septet / He / Vn Komoriya / Cl, Fg, Hr, Va, Vc, Cb
(    )12 Schubert Octet     / BE / Vn Komoriya / Cl, Fg, Hr, Vn2,Va, Vc, Cb

B. The titles of the music for the special reserved ensemble
 With  Ms.Madoka Sato
(    )13 Siberius String Quartet Op.56(Voces Intimae) /RL/ Vn1 Satou/ Vn2, Va, Vc
(    )14 Nielsen String Quintet G Major(1888) /Sam / Vn1 Satou /Vn2, Va, Vc
C.    The titles of the music for the special reserved ensemble
With Ms.Michiko Oshima
(    )15 Shostakovich Piano Quintet NO.5 /Sik / Va Oshima /Pf, Vn1, Vn2, Vc
(    )16 Tchaikovsky String Sextet  / IMC / Va1 Oshima/ Vn1, 2, Va2, Vc1, 2