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APA Chamber Music Festival 2019 in Katushika

10 March, 2019

APA Chamber Music Festival 2019

Theme: Participants have an opportunity to express or try the studied result for one year on this event.
This festival is one of APA’s original events, and APA and ACMP are considering a joint work from last year. We are looking forward to hosting a number of participants.
It is due to be held from this time not only in the conventional metropolitan area but in Kansai and Nagoya.

Tokyo metropolitan Katushika area    Workshop, Concert
DATE:  10 (Sun) 12:00 – 21:00  2019
PLACE: Katushika Symphony Hills ( Katushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Application Deadline: Dec. 14(Fri)
A mixed winds, strings and keyboard adult amateur player chamber workshop, offering workshop in near Aoto station Tokyo, Japan, featuring the talented young professional coach Quartet Okushiga; Ribon Aida, Kyoko Ogawa (Vn),Saki Ishida (Va),Misaki Kurokawa (Vc).
Participation Fee:
 Workshop I Solo 2000 yen, Tutti 500 yen
 Workshop II 2000 yen
 Concert  2000 yen/player
   Attendance qualification: three or more players pre-formed group
   Each group can take up to 20 minutes performance time.
Entry information:
 Workshop I 
  Please select your part ;
  Mozart Piano concert No.16 K428
   a Pf mov1, b Pf mov2, c Pf mov3
  Mozart Piano concert No.23 K488v
   d Pf mov1, e Pf mov2, f Pf mov3
  both concert strings
   g Vn1, h Vn2, i Va, j Vc, k Cb
 Workshop II
  Please select music and your part;
  Music/ publisher / coach / entry part :
 (1) Haydn String Quartet No.67 The Lark / Dob / Ogawa / Vn2, Va, Vc
 (2) Beethoven String Quartet No.7  / He / Kurokawa /  Vn1, 2, Va
 (3) Beethoven String Quartet No.11 / Ba / Ishida / Vn1, 2, Vc
 (4) Schubert  String Quartet No.14 / He / Ishida / Vn1, 2, Vc
 (5) Mendelssohn String Quartet No.6 mov1&3/ he/ Aida /Vn2, Va, Vc
 (6) Brahms String Quartet No.1mov1 / he / Aida /Vn2, Va, Vc
  Entry information:
   Please inform music, performance time.