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Brookline Music School Chamber Institute: Brahms & the Schumanns

2 February, 2019 to 3 February, 2019

This two-day chamber music weekend institute is open to intermediate and advanced chamber players with a particular interest in exploring the chamber music of Brahms and Robert and Clara Schumann. The workshop will be led by professional chamber musicians of the Brookline-based Mistral collective, and thematicaly tied to Mistral's program the following weekend, featuring three works of the above composers. All participants will be assigned movements or excerpts from the featured works (Brahms Piano Quintet, C. Schumann Piano Trio in G Minor, and R. Schumann String Quartet No. 1) to be explored in the workshop in combination with other participants and coaches. Pre-formed groups with projects underway by other composers will also have the opportunity to workshop and perform their repertoire, with an eye for what can be learned through comparison and analogy to the workshop's featured works.