The Chamber Music Network

Chamber Music Course for Amateur Musicians by Conjunt Atria

6 July, 2018 to 8 July, 2018



From Conjunt Atria, we want to promote the enjoyment of chamber-music-making among all the people who do not pursue a professional career in music.

In one hand, we offer an intensive work on the basics aspects of chamber music; and on the other hand, we want to promote the amateur music scene in our country because we are convienced that the love for music is a crucial value in society. Therefore, giving this course an international atmosphere can only be positive in order to broaden the network and the connections between Barcelona and abroad.

That is the reason why we organize this course once per year in Barcelona, a very international and appealing city which is an ideal place for those goals.

This course is meant for all ages and levels, and all the styles of classical music are welcome. Moreover, participants can apply with a pre-formed group, but also individually in order to take part in one of the ensembles created with participants.

Contact us at to apply! We would be happy to meet you in Barcelona!!!