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Chamber Music Workshop - Loving the Process

16 June, 2019 to 23 June, 2019
...for the love of it!

Chamber Music Workshop - Loving the Process

Takes place in Harvard, Ma.

A one-week workshop for experienced amateurs and young professionals.  Pre-formed groups.

Young professional groups (4 slots available) full scholarship for entire week; amateur groups $130/day per person, with choice of 1-6 days attendance. 

Coaches: Judith Eissenberg, violin; Rhonda Rider, cello, Judith Gordon, piano

At the heart of “loving the process” is the invitation to reclaim and strengthen the improvisatory spirit of making music together.  Between practice – where players sharpen skills and deepen their understanding of the score – and performance, can we create a space together that truly celebrates experimentation and discovery? Imagine fewer boundaries; as we move from first readings to formed interpretations, we will invite players, coaches, listeners, and composers into the process.

The daily schedule includes group rehearsal, 2 1/2 hours of coaching, open rehearsals, and masterclasses.  Groups choose their own repertoire, and set their own goals.