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Hawkwood College - Viol Consorts

14 February, 2020 to 16 February, 2020
Viol Consorts offers a weekend of coached consort playing. Pre-formed consorts should apply – individuals can also apply; see details below. For a minimum of three out of the seven coached sessions, the groups will be mixed up, offering opportunities to play from facsimile on renaissance viols, and to give participants a chance to play with different people in a smaller or larger consort than their pre-formed group. We are happy to help place individual applicants into a compatible consort, which would then form their main working consort for the weekend.
Individuals should contact the tutors, David Hatcher and Jane Francis directly in addition to sending your application to Hawkwood College. We reserve the right, if we cannot form a suitable group, to inform applicants that they cannot be accepted on the course. Players are expected to be competent readers and players, although a pre-formed group of more elementary players, able to work at a compatible level, would be welcome. Tutors David Hatcher and Jane Francis are two highly experienced players and teachers of both the viol and the cello. They have tutored together and as individuals on many early music courses throughout the UK, continental Europe and Japan. Fully inclusive residential single room £305; shared £265 per person; non-residential option £225, includes suppers, lunches and all refreshments - excludes B&B. Check the website for more information.

Contact David Hatcher: 01568 611 643 or 07817 741 904, or Jane Francis: 01179 629 856 or 07531 510 858,, Hawkwood College: 01453 759 034