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InterMuse Academy (Kodaly Certification)

20 June, 2019 to 21 June, 2019

Become Kodály Certified at InterMuse Academy! Summer Coursework, Levels I, II, and III

Why Kodály? Hungarian composer, musician, and educator Zoltán Kodály believed that only the best is good enough for children. Joyful and meaningful music making occurs when children are immersed in a learning environment rich in the songs of their cultures, and focused on solid principles of child development.

When children are taught by highly skilled teachers, they become adept at singing, hearing, reading, writing, creating and interpreting music in such a way that they can be lifelong participators and contributors in music. 

InterMuse Academy engages teachers in the pursuit of personal musicianship, and in sound pedagogical practices that will inspire their students to become independent music makers and thinkers.

Contact Rebecca at with any questions about the Kodály mission or InterMuse program, or email Andrea Merriman (Ramsey) at for logistical issues. 

Early registration rate ends May 14, 2019