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La Pellegrina: The Czech Romantics

1 August, 2019 to 11 August, 2019
Happy hornplayer in Bechyně monastery
Happy hornplayer in Bechyně monastery
  • For: (choral and solo) singers SATB, strings, winds and pianists
  • With Martina Bernášková, Petr Bernášek, Václav Bernášek, Pavel Hořejší, Dirkjan Horringa, Libor Nováček, Mitchell Sandler, Rudolf Sternadel and others
  • Central work for all: Czech romantic repertoire (to be announced) for soloists, choir and large orchestra, conducted by Dirkjan Horringa
  • Singers: sing besides the works for all in the a cappella chamber choir
  • Instrumentalists: play chamber music and large symphony orchestra
  • Everyone plays in two pre-formed chamber ensembles. Existing ensembles are welcome
  • In addition, participants play a (movement of a) concerto by Mozart or a contemporary; the other participants and tutors form an ad-hoc orchestra that sightreads the accompaniment.