The Chamber Music Network

Orfeo Festival - Italian Alps

5 July, 2019 to 19 July, 2019
Orfeo Music Festival & Academy

Orfeo Festival Amateur Chamber Music Program is a chance for amateur adult musicians to unravel their passion for music by making it with new friends while enjoying the surroundings of the enchanting landscape of the Italian Alps. The program will include adult students of string, piano, woodwinds and voice. The Amateur Chamber Program, by being a part of the Orfeo Music Festival, allows participants to interact with distinguished artists and talented international music students and attend Orfeo’s daily concerts. Pre-formed or newly formed chamber groups will practice compositions by Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, or Schubert, among others. The coaching will be offered by the distinguished faculty artists of the Orfeo Music Festival. Amateur chamber music program participants will enjoy a busy daily concert schedule and traditional Tyrolean hospitality. At the end of the week participants will reward our audiences with invigorating and inspired music making at the final afternoon concert. Amateur participants will also have a choice of optional courses including additional instrument, conducting, secondary piano, and language instruction (German/Italian).