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Orfeo Music Festival - Italian Alps

6 July, 2020 to 20 July, 2020

Orfeo Festival Amateur Chamber Music Program is a chance for amateur adult musicians to unravel their passion for music by making it with new friends while enjoying the surroundings of the enchanting landscape of the Italian Alps. The program will include adult students of string, piano, woodwinds and voice.

The Amateur Chamber Program, by being a part of the Orfeo Music Festival, allows participants to interact with distinguished artists and the talented international music students and attend Orfeo's daily concerts. Pre-formed or newly formed chamber groups will practice compositions by Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, or Schubert among others.

The coaching will be offered by the distinguished faculty artists of the Orfeo Music Festival. Amateur Chamber Music Program participants will enjoy busy daily concert schedule and traditional Tyrolean hospitality. At the end of the week participants will reward our audiences with invigorating and inspired music making at the final afternoon concert.

Amateur participants will also have a choice of optional courses including Additional Instrument, Conducting, Secondary Piano, and Language (German/Italian).


Follow this link to register:



Website page:


Body Mapping, Yoga and Psychology of Performance courses are offered and open to everyone regardless of age, gender, fitness, flexibility or strength. They offer a combination of physical, breathing, and mental exercises such as visualization and directed awareness.


Several day trips are organized to select locations. Past trips have included Salzburg, Verona, Venice, Mahler’s summer house in the Alps and stunning Lake Garda. Please email us to receive updated information about Day Trips.



Vipiteno/Sterzing is a small alpine town in Northern Italy, located about 20 minutes away from Bressanone city. Please visit Location and Travel page found on the Orfeo Music Festival home page for more travel information.


There is no minimum or maximum age limit for the Orfeo Festival Amateur Chamber Music Program.


People in Vipiteno speak both German and Italian while many festival participants speak English.  Master classes are usually conducted in English, but the main language during the time of festival is music :)


We always encourage repertoire suggestions from musicians attending the Orfeo's Amateur Chamber Music Program.  These typically fall within classical to early twentieth-century standard repertory works.

Every participant will work on a selection of compositions concurrently under supervision and guidance of distinguished Orfeo Festival faculty and will be given about six-week notice of the assigned repertoire. At the same time, it is recommended that every participant brings additional repertoire for reading sessions with your fellow music friends.


Full Fee Table may be found on the Registration Form. Registration fees, accepted beginning November 1, start from $2300 per week and cover coaching, hotel, meals, use of music facilities, professional and student concerts, Performance Classes and Master Classes given at the Orfeo Music Festival. Fees are not refundable after registration is complete.

Mailing address:
Orfeo Music Festival
P. O. Box 66098
Houston, TX 77266, U. S. A.


Enjoy the two Orfeo Music Festival concerts that take place every weekday and one or two each weekend.

Improve your health, breathing, and flexibility, physical interaction with your instrument by joining one of Orfeo Music Festival’s Health Programs.


One of the most famous open air operatic stages. Easy access by train in under 2 hours. Opera fans annual pilgrimages are possible for participants or companions independently or with the festival group (visit for schedule of events)


7.30 – Breakfast at your hotel
8.00 – Lessons/Coachings/Practice 
14.00 – Lunch 
15.00 – Public Master Classes 
17.00 – Concert
18.30 – Dinner 
20.30 – Concert