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Worthing Quartet Workshops

17 March, 2018

The Worthing String Quartet Workshop teaches amateur musicians to play chamber music from the standard classical repertoire. Players of all standards are encouraged to learn new pieces, and to play works they already know even better. The workshop is run in a very friendly, cooperative way to help even the most timid player!

The work to be studied  is  Brahms Op 51 no.1


The word to describe Brahms is "magisterial".  The beauty of the sound, the steadiness of the tempo, and the glorious melodies are words that hardly do kustice to the music of Brahms.  This is a wonderful quartet which I am sure we will all enjoy playing.  


  This is the opener to another exciting year of quartet playing.  Our programme for the year is to approach the sort of quartets we all want to play, but are sometimes not quite able to do without a little help. .   


    Movement                                     Bars

    I.    Allegro                                         260                               

    II.   Poco Adagio                                96

    III.  Allegretto                                     146        

    IV.  Allegro                                          248


Information: +44 02380 558389