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Find teachers and coaches who work with adult amateur chamber music players. Coaching may be for individual players or ensembles.

We are currently focusing on recruiting coaches to populate this newly launched list. If you're looking for a coach or teacher, please come back and visit us again soon.

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Inclusion in the coaches and teachers database does not represent an endorsement by ACMP, whose only interest is in providing information that we believe will be helpful to adult amateur chamber music players.

Name Instruments Taught Location
Yuri Namkung Viola , Violin New York, NY, United States
Calvin Wiersma Viola , Violin Dobbs Ferry , NY, United States
Jeffrey Sykes Piano, Piano 4 Hands, Voice (Solo), Voices (Multiple Soloists) Alameda, CA, United States
Kathryn Bates String Instruments, Violoncello San Francisco, CA, United States
Kim Foster Viola , Violin Brooklyn, NY, United States
Maxine Neuman Alto Recorder, Bass Recorder, Flute, Piano, Soprano Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Viola da Gamba , Viola , Violin, Violoncello New York, NY, United States
Zoia Bologovsky Viola , Violin Stoneham, MA, United States
Gregor Hrabar Viola , Violin Berlin, Germany
Franz Jurgen Dorsam Bassoon Mannheim, Germany
Julia Adams String Instruments, Viola  Portland, ME, United States
Walter A. Schreiber Violin Nürnberg, Germany
Marjana Rutkowski Violoncello Porto Alegre, RS, RS, Brazil