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Horn Play-In, Trumansburgh, NY

2017 Worldwide Play-In Brings Players Together Across the Globe

During the weekend of March 4 & 5, 2017, chamber music players everywhere got out their instruments, reached out to players in their area, and explored chamber music for whatever forces showed up. In some cases some flexibility was needed to make sure all the parts were covered! Whether 150 players in Tokyo, four guys in Sweden who took their instruments on a skiing trip and played on a mountain top, or groups all over the U.S. who just go together and played - sometimes meeting fellow players for the first time - the spirit of the Play-Ins was the same. Let's gather and explore great music together.



From top left: Playing up the mountain, Sweden (2); Atlanta, GA; Tokyo; Lecanto, FL; Davis, CA; San Diego, CA (2); New York City (2); Perth, Australia

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