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Second bow recommendations

Second bow recommendations

I recently bought an Incredibow to take to a European workshop as I was worried about taking my good bow since I have no documentation to prove to Customs that the tip is not made of ivory.  The Incredibow is very inexpensive (less than $200) and can be ordered in a wide range of colors.  The hair is synthetic and pre-tensioned, the stick is arched, and the bow is very lightweight.  I have really enjoyed playing with it - the sound is remarkably good and due to its light weight it is very easy to play with.  To increase the weight I tried adding a butterfly clip to the tip, which gave the desired effect. I'm very pleased with this bow - I like it better than the several carbon fiber bows that I've tried previously.

Arcus bows are strong and light--10g lighter than their corresponding wood bows  great for Bach, outside gigs, travel  they are high end carbon fiber with legal tips an frogs 




Many string players keep a second bow for playing outdoor gigs or for traveling to and from the United States due to concerns over CITES prohibited materials used in older or more valuable bows.  What bows have you tried and what are the pros and cons?




Note: I don’t work for CodaBow!

I discovered CodaBow accidentally after buying my first electric violin. They're fabulous for the price. There are different models and price ranges. I have a Diamond NX and it is one of the best weighted and most consistent bows I’ve worked with. Quality is above and beyond and all bows except for the very bottom of the line are warranted for 10 years. CodaBows are made in the USA too.

SHAR has a. 25% off coupon right now and I’m fighting with myself about the viola luma model for my new viola which requires a slightly lighter weight bow. I just bought a Chinese carbon fiber bow as part of a package deal. The shop I purchased from does not carry CodaBows. The Chinese bow is OK, but did not inspire the same excitement that my CodaBow does for whatever reason.