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Rhythmic Precision for Chamber & Jazz Groups

3 June, 2019 to 7 June, 2019

This workshop will be custom-designed for each group (or individual) and offered for only that group (or individual) in an intimate setting. For pre-formed Chamber Music Ensembles or Jazz groups (up to 10 pieces), we will work to sharpen rhythmic attention and execution, both individually and in the group. Participants or groups bring music they are working on. Improvisation and gestural movement may part of instruction in developing a heightened sense of hearing and feeling the rhyhm. Examples of music in the player's field may be used as well as examples outside of the style already on the music stand. Our teaching location borders Point Reyes National Seashore, a place of many unbroken silences, and as part of holistic attention to rhythm and design, we will conduct walks in a variety of settings in the park. Our memories of these sonic natural environments and their grand rhythms may become part of group improvisations back at the studio.