The Chamber Music Network

Chamber Music Workshop Grants


Chamber music workshops for adult amateurs are a priority of ACMP. Grants are awarded to subsidize coaches’ salaries, to reduce registration fees, and/or to allow for scholarships.

Please note that this is a competitive grant. Ongoing support for workshops that have previously received funding is not guaranteed - each request is reviewed on its own merits. Note that ACMP rarely awards grants in more than 4 consecutive rounds. Please provide a detailed description of outreach and activities in the application, with particular attention to who will attend the workshop, how they are reached, and what they will accomplish by attending.

ACMP requires grant recipients to submit a report, including a financial statement indicating how the grant was used. Awards are disbursed following receipt of this detailed account. Please note that no grants are paid if the correct credit and logo placement have not been included in workshop materials. ACMP logos are available here.

Successful applicants are also asked to verbally announce ACMP’s support and let participants know that ACMP is a membership organization for adult amateur players and direct interested players to the ACMP website for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions on travel and gathering, applications for online chamber music activities will be considered for the April 30, 2020 deadline. These must be chamber music activities for adult amateurs in order to be eligible. Individual online instruction and performances by professional ensembles are not eligible. Contact with any questions.



ACMP seeks to fund workshops which accomplish the following goals:

  • Rekindle an enthusiasm and energy for chamber music playing
  • Expand a player's knowledge of the chamber music repertoire
  • Deepen insights and skill in the performance of chamber music
  • Help players make new connections with other players



  • The maximum request amount is $2,500. ACMP does not support more than 50% of project costs. Applications must be submitted using the online application form
  • Applications must be clearly written and must be in English
  • Priority is given to applications that demonstrate a range of sources of support
  • Applicants must be specific about what they are requesting funds for. General answers to this questions, such as "to cover workshop costs" are less likely to be funded than aswers such as "to support a portion of coaching fees for three chamber music coaches," or "to support two scholarships for workshop participants."
  • Note that applications where scholarship recipients are required to work on general duties such as set-up, check-in and clean-up are not a priority for funding.
  • Applicants must refer to the program goals above when completing this part of the application and describe how their workshop meets these goals
  • ACMP grants prioritize program costs above administration costs. Requests with a high level of administrative overhead are a lower priority for funding
  • Requests are limited to one workshop per funding round. For a workshop series, apply for one workshop per application round.
  • Budgets must be complete, detailed, and accurate and must be submitted using the ACMP budget form, available here. Incomplete or inacurate budgets are unlikely to result in a successful application.
  • Budgets must be expressed in U.S. dollars
  • Applications received after the end of business on the application due date (6:00 PM EST) will not be considered for funding
  • The workshop for which you are applying for funding must take place after the application deadline


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Individual or group lessons in instrumental technique
  • Instrument purchase or rental costs
  • Choral and orchestral programs or general music education classes or workshops
  • Activities intended for audience development
  • Programs for college or university students
  • In-school programs that are part of a regular school day
  • Funds for general administration or fund raising
  • Travel costs or instrument transportation for professional musicians


As a general guide, Chamber Music Workshop grants are primarily provided for chamber music workshops for adult amateurs while Community Music grants are provided for community-based chamber music programs for young musicians and others. If, because of project timing, a Workshop Grant application is received for a program that is not for adult amateurs, it must be for a program of 6 weeks or less duration and must comprise primarily of coaching and playing in chamber music in order to be eligible.

ACMP  receives more grant requests than can be supported. We ask that grant applications be written with close attention to instructions and with the recognition that the decisions of the Grants Review Committee are final.


The 2019-20 deadlines are: September 27, 2019; December 20, 2019; and April 30, 2020. Late applications will not be reviewed or considered for funding.

Complete the online application to apply.

Applicants are notified of committee review outcomes 45 days after the deadline date. Successful applicants must fill out an acceptance form, available here


Grantees are required to submit a Final Report at the conclusion of the workshop, to include:

  • a narrative summary of the program
  • a statement of how funds were expended
  • copies of materials showing the ACMP logo and credit (see below)


Additionally, we encourage grantees to submit these materials along with your Report:

  • sample programs or repertoire list
  • a summary of participant feedback

Funds are released after the final report has been submitted