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Chamber music workshop grant application

Refer to the guidelines when completing this form and provide specific details of the purpose for requested funds.

When completing the project budget, always check for accuracy and completeness. Applications with incomplete budgets will not be eligible.

ACMP defines a workshop as a program of coaching and playing that is short, such as a day, weekend, or week-long program. If your program does not fit this description, check the Community Music program guidelines for possible eligibility. Applicants should choose to apply for either a Chamber Music Workshop grant or a Community Music grant for the same event.

If you wish to print/save this form, you must print/save each page (right click on PC - print then save). There is no option at the end of the form to print or save the form.

When complete, upload your budget and click on "submit." The budget form can be found here.

Please be sure to check your application and budget thoroughly before submitting. Make sure that the number of participants and financial information included in your application form are consistent with the budget. 

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Your Project
Tell us how ACMP will be credited for support, if awarded (for example, the credit language and/or logo will be posted on your website, fliers, e-fiers, programs, etc.)
Please refer to the grant guidelines. ACMP's goals for workshop grants are to: 1) rekindle an enthusiasm and energy for chamber music playing; 2) expand knowledge of chamber music repertoire, 3) deepen insights and skill in the performance of chamber music, and 4) help players make new connections with other players. Please explain how your workshop addresses these goals and any additional goals for your workshop.
Please be specific and detailed. Tell us exactly what you want to use these funds for, such as "scholarships for two people to attend the summer workshop program. Scholarship recipients are selected through an application process. . . " etc. Please note the eligible funding areas listed in the guidelines. (Drag the bottom or corner of the box to enlarge.)
Please describe what is unique about your program. How does it differ from other chamber music workshops in your area?