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ACMP Worldwide Play-in Weekend, March 7 & 8, 2020

The ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend is an annual celebration of chamber music playing. This grassroots event unites people of all ages and abilities by their common love of chamber music. Participants host play-ins worldwide in creative ways, in groups small and large, in settings informal and structured.

Read about ACMP's Worldwide Play-In in The New York Times!

2020 is Beethoven's 250th birthday!  Having his works as a centerpiece of Play-ins worldwide will make the 2020 ACMP Worldwide Play-in Weekend really special. 

What is a Play-in?

A play-in is an event where musicians meet, often for the first time, and “read” chamber music for pure pleasure. Play-ins can be large or small, public or private; it is up to the host to decide. Play-ins are not performances, but some include non-playing listeners.

2020 Play-in Hubs

ACMP is looking for local organzations such as community music schools or community arts centers that would be interested in becoming a Play-in hub for the local chamber music community. Some small grants are available for Play-in hubs that create play-ins that are open to a broad playing community.  If you know a potential hub in your community, let us know: Download application here.

How do I find one?

ACMP lists many events on our website and on Facebook in the weeks before Worldwide Play-In Weekend. Click here to access the events calendar to find or list Play-ins or here for a summarized list.

How do I create one?

We encourage you to host your own play-in on March7 & 8, no matter how big or small. Even a duet counts. 

  1. Pick a Place – Any place will do: a school, a music or cultural center, a workplace, a mall, a place of worship, a home, or a community center. 
  2. Invite Players – Call someone new. Send an e-mail to players you know and ask them to invite friends. Post it on Facebook. Find people via the website "find players" page or in your ACMP directory. Reach out as widely as you can.
  3. Play – Welcome new people. Gather listeners or play privately. Enjoy the music. Share food. Have fun! 


How do I share it?

There is no official sign-up, but let us know what you’re up to. The earlier we hear from you the more likely we can include your play-in in our publicity. List your Play-In on our website events page; post photos, videos, and highlights on Facebook (ACMP - Associated Chamber Music Players) and on Twitter (@ACMPmusic); or e-mail them to us. We’d love to feature your play-in stories in our spring/summer Updates bulletin and on our News in Brief blog.

Share pictures, videos, and stories with us afterward by e-mailing

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Looking for repertoire for your Play-In? Visit our Find Chamber Music database - you can find music for the particular forces that walk through your door that day So if you need music for violin piano and flute, put those instrument codes into your search (example: vn pf fl - no commas) and find some repertoire to play.