ACMP Grantee Toolkit

Congratulations on your recent grant from ACMP!

We are so happy to support your project which helps us further our mission of expanding and stimulating the playing of chamber music for pleasure by people of all ages, backgrounds and playing levels from all around the world.

A requirement of ACMP funding is to properly credit us for our support and actively encourage your adult participants to join ACMP – membership is FREE!

Please include the ACMP logo and the following funding credit language on all of your print and digital materials. These include but are not limited to your website, emails to participants, online listings for your event, printed brochures, concert programs, and workshop welcome packages:

This program was made possible, in part, through the support of Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP), an international service organization supporting chamber music for pleasure.
Join ACMP – Membership is FREE!

You can download multiple versions of the ACMP logo and a QR code to the home page of our website through the ACMP Grantee Toolkit.

ACMP Grantee Toolkit

This Toolkit also includes sample speeches or talking points about ACMP, a slide for inclusion in any presentations you may make, and print-ready templates for ACMP postcards which we hope you will give out to your adult participants. (We also have cute ACMP name tags if you would like them for a Play-In or social gathering.)

If you have a US address we are happy to send postcards and name tags your way. Please order your cards and/or name tags here at least one month before your program begins.

If you are on social media, please also follow ACMP on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in your posts about your ACMP-funded project.

We look forward to hearing more about your program!