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Even Classical Music Is Getting Faster These Days

Pop and rap aren’t the only two genres speeding up in tempo in the breakneck music-streaming era: The quickening of pace seems to be affecting even the oldest forms of the art. Per research this weekend from two record labels, classical music performances of J.S. Bach have also gotten faster,...more...

Taking Practice to a New Level

If you're looking for a way to pep up your practice, here's a useful new tool. Violist Nick Revel (PUBLIQuartet) created DragonScales , a set of downloadable mp3 audio play-alongs, to make practicing scales and arpeggios easier and more effective. He created them for his own use but found them so...more...

Twisting for Solos, the Violist Is a Quartetʼs Odd Player Out

This article is reposted from the New York Times: There’s not much to look at when a string quartet is playing. Other than the movements that draw sound from the instruments, the scene is relatively static. But train...more...

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