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ACMP Foundation Grant Programs

Supporting Chamber Music Programs and Institutions

The ACMP Foundation awards grants to foster the playing of chamber music for people of all ages and skill levels. Since its founding in 1993, ACMP has awarded over 3,000 grants totaling over $4 million dollars for ongoing programs and special projects around the world that promote participatory chamber music activities. ACMP grant recipients include nonprofit organizations, regional and national institutions, individuals, and ensembles.


Chamber Music Workshops

Chamber Music Workshops Grants are awarded to non-profit organizations and others that present workshops for adult amateur chamber music players worldwide. Grants are provided to subsidize coaches' salaries, to reduce registration fees for participants, and to provide scholarships. Deadlines are April 30, August 31, and December 31 annually. Applicants are required to submit a budget in the format of the ACMP budget form below.

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Community Music

Community Music is the largest of ACMP's Grant Programs. Awards support the continuing learning and instruction in chamber music for musicians of all ages through community-based programs. This funding often makes it possible for students to experience chamber music for the first time and for adult players to continue playing and learning. ACMP relaunched the Community Music program in spring 2017 after a hiatus. 

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Home Coaching

The Home Coaching program encourages musicians who meet regularly as a group to engage a professional coach in order to gain musical insight, develop efficient rehearsal skills and exchange musical ideas. ACMP provides up to 50% of the coach's fee. Ensemble members must be ACMP members.

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NOTE: ACMP does not provide funding for the following: individual or group lessons in instrumental technique; choral, orchestral, and chamber orchestra programs or performances; guest artist performances; activities intended for audience development; general administration; or fundraising events. Previous support does not guarantee ongoing funding.