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Alejandro coaches both individuals and ensembles at beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing levels. Alejandro is open to online coaching sessions and lessons.

Background & Offerings

He began his musical studies in 1995 at the National Conservatory of Ecuador and in 2001 he received the title of Musical Technical Bachelor in Violin Specialization at the Salvador Bustamante Celi Conservatory in Loja. Later (2006) he continued his violin studies at the Simón Bolívar Conservatory in Caracas (Venezuela) and at the Paul Dukas Conservatory in Paris 12eme, the Gennevilliers Conservatory and the Departmental Conservatory of the city of Evreux (France).
In this conservatory he obtains his prize for violin and chamber music, the latter with congratulations to the unanimity of the jury. It has had outstanding professed Latin American and French violinists. Gilles Lefevre stands out, in turn a student of the great violinist Cristian FERRAS.
In 2005, he had the opportunity to be part of the Latin American Youth Symphony Orchestra and is part of the CAF Symphony Orchestra -Corporación Andina de Fomento- of Youths of the Andean Countries, which was presented in Caracas (Venezuela) under the direction of Gustavo Dudamel.
In France he has been part of the Orchestra of the University City (Paris) and the orchestra du Center Philarmonic (South of France).
He has participated in summer courses, highlighting the Latin-American Violin Academy in which he had class with the violinists José Francisco DEL CASTILLO in Mérida (Venezuela) and in France in « Musicalta » in Roufach-Alsace with the violinist Gilles LEFEVRE .
He also participated in the "Festival in Morvan" with the violonist Régis PASQUIER, in the "Valdres Music Festival" in Fagernes (Norway) with the violinist Detlef HAHN and in the "Les Promenades de la Louvesc" festival in Ardèche (France).
He is the creator of the "Franco-Ecuadorian Encounter" festival created to promote music in Ecuador. This festival has been held twice, 2012 and 2015 in the cities of Esmeraldas and Quito.
Together with Gilles LEFEVRE they made the premiere in France of Luis Humberto SALGADO's quartet in A flat major.
He has taught for the FESNOJIV school in Caracas-Venezuela, for the Departmental Conservatory of the city of Evreux, and in the Declic-classic project in the city of Evreux.
He is currently the director of Fundación Alza Alza, a foundation created together with the lyrical soprano María José Medina, through which they promote artistic and cultural exchanges between France and Ecuador. Through this foundation he has taught several intensive violin courses and has given numerous concerts in different parts of the country, always promoting Ecuadorian music and in close collaboration with the various local institutions.


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