Christine Kharazian

Violin Viola  Violoncello Flute

Students & Online Coaching

Christine coaches both individuals and ensembles at beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing levels. Christine is open to online coaching sessions and lessons.

Background & Offerings

I offer individual violin lessons in all levels and piano up to intermediate level. I love coaching chamber ensembles. My current studio can easily accommodate trio, quartet or quintet. While I only play violin and piano. I can work with all instruments as long as the player is somewhat proficient and doesn’t need instrument specific guidance. I enjoy working on various styles of music from classical repertoire to contemporary, jazz, ethnic, fusion, I strongly believe that music needs to be shared with audiences and will strive to find a performing opportunity for my students ensambles.


  • Early Music
  • Standard Repertoire
  • Contemporary Music


12913 Crisfield Rd Silver Spring, MD 20906