Gregor Kitzis

Violin Viola  Mandolin

Students & Online Coaching

Gregor coaches both individuals and ensembles at beginner, intermediate, and advanced playing levels. Gregor is open to online coaching sessions and lessons.

Background & Offerings

I am an experienced chamber music player with many recordings, tours, performances in major venues, etc. As a student I was lucky enough to spend many summers at chamber music camps and worked with great coaches with all different approaches. In retrospect those were the happiest times of my life so now that I have the professional experience that I have I love inspiring chamber music players the way those coaches inspired me. I've accumulated a long list of rehearsal techniques that can help less experienced groups improve really quickly but they're based on knowing what to look for in reading a score and how to listen and what to listen for. My groups always sound better after a coaching and always leave smiling.


  • Early Music
  • Standard Repertoire
  • Contemporary Music


620 West 143 Street apt 9A NEW YORK, NY 10031