ACMP Film Club: A Late Quartet

Time & Location

  • Dec, 9 2023
  • 2:00 pm
  • Online Event
  • NY US

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Join ACMP for its first-ever Film Club event, in which we will explore and discuss films with a focus on chamber music.

When Israeli-American filmmaker Yaron Zilberman was making his feature-length movie A Late Quartet (2012), he hired members of the Attacca Quartet to teach violin, viola and cello to the actors so they would look more authentic in all the playing scenes. The film follows the members of a renowned string quartet as they struggle to stay together in the face of all manners of interpersonal drama.

You might be asking yourself how true-to-life this might actually be!

Watch the film on your own time before Saturday, December 9 – there are many options, including Amazon Prime Video , Roku, and Apple TV. (If you cannot find a better way to stream it, there is also a low-quality version that someone put up on YouTube with Spanish subtitles.)

Then join ACMP on December 9 at 2pm Eastern as Executive Director Stephanie Griffin moderates a discussion with former Attacca Quartet members Keiko Tokunaga (violin) and Luke Fleming (viola) on their experiences working with actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener. They will also share their perspectives on the story of the film, based on their own lives as Grammy-winning chamber musicians.

Admission: $5 USD


See you on December 9 and enjoy the film!


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Event Organizer

Joseph Brock