All Six Brandenburg Play-In

Time & Location

  • May, 18 2024
  • 2:30 pm
  • Broadway Presbyterian Church 601 West 114th Street, at Broadway New York, NY 10025 US

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About the Play-In

In celebration of ACMP’s Worldwide Play-in Weekend, please join on Saturday, May 18th to play all 6 Bach Brandenburgs, led by conductor Oliver Hagen. Doors open at 2:30pm, and first downbeat will be 3:00. In addition to our joy, we’ll be raising money for Broadway Community, the wonderful food kitchen at Broadway Community that helps our neighbors who suffer from food insecurity.

We will be playing all 6 concerti en masse – 

String players: come one, come all!
(Gamba parts on number 6 can be played by real viola da gambas, violas, or celli)

And we still need keyboard players for the continuo in concerti 1 through 4, and 6.

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Please print the specific part(s) you have committed to play, and don’t forget to bring a music stand.
All parts are readily available on IMSLP (see the links below).
From each link, scroll past ‘performances’ section to ‘sheet music’ section, and click on ‘parts’ tab.  Look for the editor Besseler/Wenzinger, or the publishers Neue Bach-Ausgabe or Barenreiter Verlag.  Use the expansion arrow that says more, to open all the parts.

IMSLP Links:

Brandenburg Concerto no. 1

Brandenburg Concerto no. 2

Brandenburg Concerto no. 3

Brandenburg Concerto no. 4

Brandenburg Concerto no. 5

Brandenburg Concerto no. 6


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Event Organizer

Arlene Hajinlian 201-788-3001