DC Chamber Play-in 2024-06-09

Time & Location

  • Jun, 9 2024
  • 1:00 pm
  • New York Avenue Presbyterian Church 1313 New York Ave., NW. Washington, DC 20005 US

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About the Play-In

Our final play-in of the Season! A casual chamber music mix & match. Everyone welcome! As always, generously supported by a Play-In grant from ACMP.

Room for up to 35 musicians. Event runs from 1:00 to 5:00, with three 70 minute sessions, and a 25 minute social with refreshments provided. Space is limited for some instruments (piano – 3, winds & brass – 2 of each – clarinets and horns already full) so RSVP EARLY!.

Please read the FULL event description. 

We do ALL the work for you
— provide the facilities (seven rooms, two great pianos).
— select the repertoire (you can suggest rep too)
— provide links for e-copy of the repertoire
— match people into ensembles with repertoire

All you have to do is
— show up and meet fellow musicians
— have a great time playing in up to three sets of music

All in a comfortable, casual and non-competitive environment! Prep suggested but sight-reading is OK too. Also be opportunities for ad hoc play.

$25 event fee (before applicable discounts, 20% discount offered to ACMP members, see below)

Your event registration fee is fully refundable if cancelled within two weeks of the event. (This takes a lot of planning, and late drop-outs require considerable rework). Simply reply to your registration confirmation e-mail to request a refund.

If you have suggestions for repertoire, please e-mail IMSLP links for the music to Info@DCCOS1.org Bring hardcopy (all individual parts) as well for spontaneous open sessions. Bring a music stand also.

SPECIAL NOTE TO PIANISTS: Please RSVP early, space runs out fast, and SUGGEST repertoire (trios through quintets). We specifically program pianist’s requests because we understand the extra lead time on preparation!

The repertoire and schedule, along with links to public domain e-copy of music, will be sent out two weeks before the event start.

BE SURE TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODE “ACMPDCCM” FOR 20% OFF THE $25 REGISTRATION FEE.  Register using the link below.  Please pay attention to the list of instruments which are already fully booked and follow instructions to be placed on the waitlist if you wish.

You can learn about DC Chamber Musicians by visiting www.dccos.org


  • Chamber mixed winds & strings
  • Play-In

Event Organizer

Daniel Collins Info@DCCOS1.org 2025945633