February Fiddler’s Tune Book Play Along

Time & Location

  • Feb, 11 2022
  • 7:00 pm
  • on line from The Old Avoca, Nebraska Schoolhouse 504 Garfield Street Avoca, NE 68307 US

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About the Play-In

The Old Avoca Schoolhouse in Avoca, Nebraska will be streaming  “February Fiddler’s Tune Book Play Along” for folks who read treble clef. The Play Alongs will be on Friday, February 11, from 7 PM – 7 PM (CT) and Saturday, February 12, from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (CT).  During these sessions we will play and discuss tunes from the Greenblatt & Seay publication, “February Fiddler’s Tune Book”.  This collection includes fiddle tunes, folk songs, classical pieces, and some original Greenblatt & Seay creations for each and every day of the month. 

Each participant will receive a pdf copy of the “February Fiddler’s Tune Book”.  Different tunes will be played at each session. A treble clef version of the sheet music for the tunes being played will be displayed on Zoom’s screen during the workshop. To see a complete list of the tunes in this collection, click here:  http://web.archive.org/web/20081013014843fw_/http://www.greenblattandseay.com/publications/millennium_toc.htm.

Pre-registration required.  The fee for the “February Fiddler’s Tune Book Play Along” is $10.00.

For more information, and to register: 




“What an idea! If you want a newsy collection of trivia for the day along with your coffee and fiddler warm-up, here’s a novel way to ring in the millennium, instrument in hand.” – Anne Mischakoff Heiles,  American String Teacher, May 2000

“..very ambitious undertaking… The complete text appears for the songs 
and the tunes are all clearly annotated.  You can’t beat the humor… There should be no lack of good gifts for your musical friends… it is fun.”

– Bob Buckingham, Fiddler Magazine, January 2000


  • Kids welcome
  • Play-In

Event Organizer

Deborah Greenblatt debby@greenblattandseay.com