Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses Philharmonic: 112 Musicians for Peace and Unity

Time & Location

  • Jun, 21 2024
  • 12:00 pm
  • Astoria Park 19 19th Street Astoria, NY 11105 US

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About the Play-In

On Make Music Day 2024, June 21st, Matt Lavelle is opening up his 12 Houses ensemble, and inviting musicians of all levels and backgrounds (up to a maximum of 112 people) to come together for a celebration of Make Music Day, and to make some beautiful noise in support of peace and unity.

The core of the group will be key members of The 12 Houses. Students, adult amateurs and players with little to no prior improvisation experience are welcome, and are encouraged to experience the joy of improvisation for the first time in a safe, large-group setting – or simply to enjoy playing along with the written melodies. All acoustic instruments are welcome, with the exception of keyboards and drums (a 12 Houses drummer will hold the only drum chair). Please note that with the exception of a few key players from The 12 Houses, we will all be playing acoustic; there is no back line. The repertoire will consist of original works by Matt Lavelle, with an emphasis on powerful, heartfelt melodies. The music will be easy to sight read, and Matt will guide the group in conducted spontaneous arrangements and group improvisation. When the group first gathers at 12 noon, there will be a short period of sectional work, where smaller groups of participants work with Matt or one of his side musicians to learn the music and some simple concepts of how the group functions. After a short break, the whole group will come together to play.

Make Music Day, June 21st, 2024  12 noon to 4pm
WHERE: Astoria Park, Astoria, New York. The ensemble will gather in the space between the Pool and the Parking Lot: Look for the orange balloons, and signs for 112 Musicians! Restrooms are a five-minute walk from the playing area.
WHAT WILL BE PLAYED: Matt will provide pdfs of his original charts, which will be shared with participants before the event. Please print your music and bring it with you.
WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING:  Please bring a music stand, your printed music, and maybe a folding chair if you prefer to sit. Since this is an outdoor event, we also recommend bringing water, sun hats, sunglasses and sunscreen! Clothespins will be provided.
RAIN PLAN: In the event of rain, we will move to be under the nearby RFK Bridge. However this is still not fully protected, so those who are sensitive about their instruments may choose not to play. You can still come and hang out – or even sing!


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Event Organizer

Matt Lavelle