Conscious Listening Performance Masterclass

Time & Location

  • Nov, 4 2023
  • 12:30 pm
  • Klavierhaus 790 11th Ave (54/55th Sts) New York, NY 10019 US

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About the Masterclass

The “Nutmeg Studio NYC Performance Masterclass” on how to listen in the moment.

Hsing-ay Hsu has been concerned about a significant missing piece of the puzzle – the art of listening, which in both music and life promotes the values of collaboration and communication. For inquisitive learners, this pianist-turned-educator turns music appreciation upside down. While most methods approach classical music languages through information and knowledge, relegating the sensory experience as secondary, Hsu’s Conscious Listening process leads with the act of listening, being curious, without bias or assumptions or expectations, for sensory pleasure, and for gaining awareness. When ears are in tune, they open up the world.

Her concept to “lead with listening” applies to verbal and performance communication, and finds meaning within chaos and complexity. Scientific evidence shows that musical engagement brings lifelong cognitive benefits, builds resilience, and fosters social collaboration. Hsu’s Conscious Listening™ programs unlock these life advantages.

  • Guiding real-time music listening and choosing what is primary among the

interplay of musical elements.

  • Capturing playfulness and wonder in performance, which transfers to the quality of daily life.
  • Developing advanced listening skills (including open-mindedness, flexibility, and emotional discernment) more effectively by an indirect approach of translating the language of music.
  • Building trust by leading with listening and observation.

Participation Cost $40 per person in chamber group, payable at time of registration. Please email to register. Emailing a 30 second video would be highly welcome!

Auditors welcome – pay what you wish.

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  • Chamber groups needed
  • Masterclass
  • Pre-formed groups accepted
  • Weekend workshop

Event Organizer

Hsing-ay Hsu