Play-In — DC Area — Feb. 12, 2023

Time & Location

  • Feb, 12 2023
  • All day
  • Online Event
  • New York Avenue Presbyterian Church New York Avenue Presbyterian Church 5th floor, DC Washington US

On the Web

About the Play-In

Room for up to 35 musicians.

Sorry, full on flutes.

We do ALL the work for you
— provide the facilities (seven room, two great pianos).
— select the repertoire (you can suggest rep too)
— provide links for e-copy of the repertoire
— match people into ensembles with repertoire

All you have to do is
— show up and meet fellow musicians
— have a great time playing in up to three sets of music

All in a comfortable, casual and non-competitive environment! Prep suggested but sight-reading is OK too. Also be opportunities for ad hoc play.

Event runs from 1:00 to 5:00, with three seventy-five minute sessions. May carve out some time for a 20 or 30 minute social mid-day.

$15 event fee with the discount code ACMPDCCM — normally $20.

Your event registration fee is fully refundable if cancelled within two weeks of the event. (This takes a lot of planning, and late drop-outs require considerable rework). Simply reply to your registration confirmation e-mail to request a refund.

ALL are welcome except beginners.

We require proof of full vaccination. Masks TBD.

If you have suggestions for repertoire, please e-mail Bring hardcopy (all individual parts) as well for spontaneous open sessions. Bring a music stand also.

The repertoire and schedule, along with links to public domain e-copy of music, will be sent out two weeks before the event start.


  • Chamber mixed winds & strings
  • Play-In

Event Organizer

Bob Myers