Play-in London UK

Time & Location

  • May, 7 2023
  • 2:15 pm
  • Private Address Lexham Gardens London W8 5JR GB

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About the Play-In

7 May 2023, 14h15-21h30 (flexible arrival)

The purpose of this event is to provide members of ACMP and of London Chamber Musicians with an opportunity play and to to network with other musicians.

Based on the number of registrations, groups will be formed which can play simultaneously in 6 rooms, 1 with grand piano, 1 with harpsichord at A415, 1 with electronic piano, the remainder without piano or harpsichord.
The organization is as follows: You register as soon as possible – either by e-mail or on-line,  indicating your name, your instrument, your preferred timing and your level according to the ACMP system. The online site gives a list of players with instruments and timings which the organiser (George Storm) will attempt to maintain updated.  The usual arrangement is to form groups on arrival and select appropriate works from my library.
Attendance requirements are:
. Up-to-date double vaccinated or
. Single vaccinated with negative test in previous 24 hours, or
. Vaccination exempt with negative test in previous 24 hours
Similarly, please do not come if you are unwell or if you know you were recently exposed to people with Covid.

Beverages and biscuits will be provided by the organiser.
There are no registration fees, but an anonymous voluntary contribution box is provided to help cover costs and extend the library.

Event Organizer

George Storm


  • Chamber mixed winds & strings
  • Chamber mostly string
  • Chamber mostly wind
  • Play-In
  • Pre-formed groups accepted

Event Organizer

George Storm