Sixth Annual APA International Chamber Music Festival 2024 (ICMF2024)

Time & Location

  • Apr 8-18, 2024
  • All day
  • Tokyo, Hakone and Atami JP

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About the Festivals

The Amateur Music Players’ Association, Japan (APA) International Chamber Music Festival 2024 (ICMF2024) provides a venue at which both overseas and Japanese amateur players can participate in cultural exchange through music. Come to Japan, see the cherry blossoms, and enjoy playing, performing and socializing with Japanese amateur players!

All amateur chamber music players are welcome–strings, winds and pianists. Both pre-formed groups and individuals can be accommodated. We will create Festival ensembles by mixing overseas participants and Japanese players.  Rentals of big instruments such as double bass and cello can be arranged.

The Festival will rehearse briefly and play concerts in three different cities– Tokyo, Hakone, and Atami.  Please note that the emphasis of the Festival is on playing, and rehearsal time will be limited; see our website for details and to apply.


  • Chamber groups needed
  • Chamber mixed winds & strings
  • Chamber mostly string
  • Chamber mostly wind
  • Concert
  • Musical holiday
  • Older Adults
  • Play-In
  • Pre-formed groups accepted

Event Organizer

Sayoko Yamashita +81-80-3271-8409