APA Beethoven festival series concerts 2020a

This event is canceled by the influence of coronavirus.  APA Beethoven Anniversary Series Concerts 2020

Time & Location

  • Apr 18 - Dec 31, 2020
  • 10:00 am
  • Urayasu harmony hole 1-6-1 Irifune, Urayasu City, Chiba 279-0012 JP

About the Workshop

APA Beethoven anniversary series concerts 2020-the Opening concert in Tokyo-

Theme : “Rediscovery about Beethoven’s chamber music”
This event is Beethoven’s birth 250 year anniversary concert The chamber music which is not so much known of Beethoven’s is taken up for every growth stage as Beethoven’s composer.

The contents of the series concerts
1. Opening concert: Sat., April 18 (Sat.) Urayasu harmony hole
2. String music concert : June 20 (Sat.) details will be determination in the future.
3. Wind music concert : October 17 (Sat.) It will be determination for details in the future.
4. Duo concert: December It will be determination for details in the future

Beethoven Anniversary Opening Concert in Tokyo
DATE: April.18 (Sat) 10:00 – 20:30  2020
PLACE: Urayasu harmony hole (Urayasu city, Chiba, Japan)
1-6-1 Irifune, Urayasu City, Chiba 279-0012 Japan

Application Deadline: Nov. 25 (tentatively, until all subscription parts are filled up)
A mixed winds, strings and keyboard adult amateur player chamber concert, offering concert in near Shin-Urayasu station Chiba, Japan.
Participation Fee  Concert with guest:  4000yen/person
                Concert without guest: 3000yen/person
                Ensemble with guest: 2500yen/person
                Ensemble without guest: 1000yen/person
                plus  admission fee: 900yen
Guest player information:   Quartet Excelsior      

Yuka NISHINO     VIOLIN 北見春菜 Haruna Kitami     プロフィール - VIOLA
Hajime OTOMO

Yuka Nishino Vn,  Haruna Kitami Vn,  Yukiko Yoshida Va,  Hajime Otomo Vc

Application deadline(final): Fri., February 28, 2020
Contact Information
Mikio Tabe
APA (Amateur Music Player’s Assosiation, JAPAN)
2-6-16-201, Kabukicho, Shinjyuku-ku
Tokyo 160-0021 Japan
e-mail:  nenji@apa-music.org
Tel:     +81 3 3232 9130
Details / Application form
I.  Concert:  Please choose out of the following 11 music.
music/entry part/time/publisher
① WoO36-3 Piano quartet#3/PfVnVaVc/15/He
② Op.103 Octet/ObClFgHrx2)/15/BH
<2nd stage(1794-1800)>
③ Op.1-3 Piano trio#3/PfVnVc/15/He
④ Op.46 Adelaide/TnPf/6
⑤ Op.9-3 String trio with Vn guest/VaVc/15/He
⑥ Op.20 Septet with Vn guest/VaVcCbClFgHr/20/He
<3rd stage(1801-09)>
⑦ Op.25 Serenade with Va guest/FlVn/15/He
⑧ Op.30-1or2or3 Vn Sonata /VnPf/15
⑨ Op.53or57 Pf Sonata No.21or No.23/Pf/15
⑩ Op.59-1 String quartet No.7/2VnVaVc/15/Ba
<4&5th stage(1810-17、1818-26)>
⑪ Op.102-2Vc Sonata with Vc guest /Pf/22

II.  Ensemble with guest  Please choose out of the following 4 music.
a: String quartet Hess34 with Vn guest/Vn2VaVc/He
b: Piano quartet Op.16 with Vn guest/PfVaVc/He
c: String quintetOp.4 with Va guest/Vn1,2,Va2Vc/He
d: String quintetOp.29 with Vc guest/Vn1,2,Va1,2/He

III.  Ensemble without guest:  Please inform your favorite music.


V.  Address

VI.  e-mail

Event Organizer

Mikio Tabe, APA nenji@apa-music.org +81 3 3232 9130