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Baroque Week

11 August, 2019 to 18 August, 2019

Firmly established as one of Europe’s foremost early music courses, BAROQUE WEEK is now celebrating its 42nd year. The course offers inspiration and guidance to both singers and players of baroque music from an expert team of leading specialists in historical performance.

This year’s theme is “The Leipzig Legacy”, featuring cantatas and other works by J S Bach, together with his predecessors and contemporaries in Leipzig including Rosenmüller (b. 1619) and Fasch. There will be tutor-led projects exploring this theme for both singers and instrumentalists, but chamber music-making with your own choice of repertoire is fundamental to the course.

In order to take part in BAROQUE WEEK you should be a competent sight-reader and able to hold your line confidently when playing or singing one-to-a-part. Instrumentalists will need at least one instrument tuned to A415 although some music may be played at A392 or possibly A440. Keyboard players will have opportunities to play from figured bass or from realisations. For singers the course offers a rare opportunity to sing lots of arias and cantatas with small groups of instruments as well as working in a small consort of voices; there is a limit of eight specialist singers.

Visit the website for registration information - note deadline for final payment is May 1, 2019.