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Chamber Music Workshop of the Composers Conference

28 July, 2019 to 11 August, 2019
Chamber Music Workshop of the Composers Conference
Chamber Music Workshop at the Composers Conference

For more than 70 years, the Chamber Music Workshop (CMW) has provided amateur musicians with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of chamber music by collaborating with friends old and new, while learning from world-class performers. Applications are accepted for individuals and pre-formed groups including strings, winds, brass, pianists, and singers. Individuals will be matched according to ability as well as personnel and repertoire requests.

In addition to daily chamber music coachings by Conference faculty and CMW Artists-in-Residence, participants have the opportunity to partake in masterclasses, seminars, performances, chamber music reading sessions and learning new commissioned works, as well as attend open rehearsals, lectures and concerts from faculty members and students of the Contemporary Performance Institute.

Participants live and socialize with the Composers Conference Fellows, CPI and Faculty Artists, and the resulting shared experience and synergy creates a close-knit musical community unlike any other.

Typically, participants choose to participate in a full week program (which consists of three different coached sessions and repertoire choices) or a partial week program (which consists of two different coached sessions and repertoire choices.) If you are only able or interested in participating in a single coached session, or would like to spread your coached sessions over a longer period of time, you must contact us prior to submitting your registration to ensure that your special registration is properly noted and we can accommodate your scheduling needs.

Each participant has the opportunity to request what type of coached sessions they would like to participate in, or they may leave it up to CMW to determine a personalized program to suit their needs and abilities. Should you have any questions about the nature of the sessions, please contact the CMW Director, Jessica Tong at jtong@​composersconference.​org.