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Prelude Chamber Music Camp and Festival

16 June, 2019 to 23 June, 2019

We will open our camp week on Sunday, June 16, 2018 at the Friday Musicale with a performance by the Vega Quartet at 4PM. The main coaching center of camp will be Riverside Park United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida (June 17-21), followed by weekend concerts (June 22-23. This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn from outstanding music professionals and teachers.
At Prelude Chamber Music Camp, you’ll study and rehearse as part of a small ensemble and with our dedicated coac

hes and teachers. You’ll also get a chance to explore new areas through elective break-outs and enjoy daily special events. After all your hard work, you’ll perform as an ensemble in concerts for friends, family and our community at the end of the week. You can come with your own pre-formed ensemble or we’ll create one for you. We accept all levels of musicians and ages.

Many of our coaches are also members of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra along with special guest musicians and instructors, who are invited to town to teach master classes on intensive topics such as communication, technique, interpretation, theory, composition and ensemble performance. In order to organize everyone into tracks and levels that fit his/her current needs and abilities, each student auditions for placement. our web site