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Format: 2022
Format: 2022
Title Composer Difficultysort ascending Ensemble
Miniature Henri van Gael 3.0 Pf
Miniature concerto Alec Rowley 3.0 Orch, Pf
Miniature for Clarinet Gregory Carl Pfeiffer 3.0 Cl
Miniature for oboe, flute, clarinet and bassoon Antonio Lopes 3.0 Bn, Cl, Fl, Ob
Miniature Sonata Harry Farjeon 3.0 Org
Miniature Suite James Hotchkiss Rogers 3.0 Org
Miniature Suite Alec Rowley 3.0 Pf, Vn
Miniature Suite August Winding 3.0 Pf, Vn
Miniature Suite York Bowen 3.0 Pf
Miniature Suite Joseph H. Adams 3.0 Pf
Miniature Suite for Keyboard Mark Hedien 3.0 Kbd
Miniature Symphony Noach J. Lundgren 3.0 Orch
Miniature Trilogy Norman Coke-Jephcott 3.0 Org
Miniature Trio Cornelius Gurlitt 3.0 Pf, Vc, Vn
Miniature Trios Adam Carse 3.0 Pf, Vc, Vn
Miniature Waltz Bert Alink 3.0 Gtr
Miniaturen Paul Otto Krause 3.0 Org
Miniaturen Cornelius Gurlitt 3.0 Pf
Miniaturen Friedrich Hermann 3.0 Vn
Miniaturen Johannes Palaschko 3.0 Pf, Vn
Miniaturen über ukrainische Volkslieder Vassili Barvinski 3.0 Pf
Miniaturen, Op.4 Max Laurischkus 3.0 Cl, Pf
Miniaturen, Op.92 Emil Kronke 3.0 Fl, Pf
Miniatures Joaquín Turina 3.0 Pf
Miniatures Julian Raoul Besset 3.0 Org
Miniatures Benjamin Cornelius-Bates 3.0 Org
Miniatures Leopold Godowsky 3.0 Pf4h
Miniatures Frederick Hall 3.0 Pf, Vn
Miniatures Eldar Mansurov 3.0 Pf
Miniatures Dimitar Nenov 3.0 Pf
Miniatures Paul R. van der Reijden 3.0 Fl, Vn
Miniatures Ferdinando Ronchini 3.0 Pf, Vc
Miniatures Genary Korganov 3.0 Pf
Miniatures Eduard Schütt 3.0 Pf
Miniatures Samuil Maykapar 3.0 Pf
Miniatures César Cui 3.0 Pf, Vn
Miniatures Hugo Reinhold 3.0 Pf, Vc
Miniatures Henning Mankell 3.0 Pf
Miniatures Antonin Dvorak 3.0 Va, Vn, Vn
Miniatures Mikhail Antsev 3.0 Pf, Vn
miniatures for giants Stephan Beneking 3.0 Pf
Miniatures, Op.11 Robert Henriques 3.0 Pf
Miniatuur - triptiek Jef Tinel 3.0 Str
MiniBajka Maciej Żołnowski 3.0 Db, Va, Vc, Vn, Vn
Minimax Paul Hindemith 3.0 Va, Vc, Vn, Vn
MiniMin Norbert Rudolf Hoffmann 3.0 Pf
Minka Georg Eggeling 3.0 Pf
Minne-Reigen Josef Lechthaler 3.0 Eq, Eq, Eq
Minnelied Friedrich von Wickede 3.0 Pf
Minnelied Mararetens von Österreich Georg Luckner 3.0 Gtr, V