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Title Composer Difficultysort ascending Ensemble
Apollo, oder Museum für Gitarre Various 3.0 Gtr
Brunetes, ou, Petits airs tendres, avec les doubles et la basse-continue : mélées de chansons a danser Various 3.0 Bc, V
12 Canons, ULB Mus.Ms.1525 Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV
The Standard Tune Book Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV
Muzio Scevola Various 3.0 Orch, VV
The Choir Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV
Lautenmusik aus der Renaissance Various 3.0 Lute
Sacra Corona Various 3.0 Bc, VV, VV
Emannuel Organ Book Various 3.0 Org
Beckers Taschenbuch Various 3.0 Pf, VV
The Weston and Hussey Minstrels' Book of Songs Various 3.0 VV
Cantate a Basso solo Various 3.0 Bass, Bc
6 Salve Regina Various 3.0
Opern-Perlen Various 3.0 Pf, V
The Family Choir Various 3.0 Ch
Liber selectarum cantionum quas vulgo mutetas appellant Various 3.0
Schützen-Quadrille Various 3.0 Orch
Geistliche Männerchöre Various 3.0 MCh
Traditional Italian Songs Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV
Chansons du comté de Nice Various 3.0 Gtr
8 neue Märsche für Trommel und Pfeife, Heft 2 Various 3.0 Picc, perc
9 famous Mendelssohn pieces Various 3.0 Pf, Vn
Sammlung beliebter Kompositionen Various 3.0 Pf4h
The Jullien Collection of Flute and Violin Music Various 3.0 Fl
Organ Manuscript Volumes Various 3.0 Org
Solfèges d'Italie Various 3.0 Bc, V
Hamilton's Universal Tune-Book Various 3.0 Vn
Collection des Succès pour Violon et Piano Various 3.0 Pf, Vn
Church Music to accompany Watts's and New Select Hymns Various 3.0 VV, VV
A March Album for the Organ Various 3.0 Org
18 Sacred Songs, I-Vc Torr.Ms.C.59 Various 3.0 Bass, Bass, Ten, Ten
Popular Christmas Carols Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV
The Mulliner Book Various 3.0 Kbd
Medea riconosciuta Various 3.0 Ch, Orch, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV
A Spanish Hymnary from around 1500 Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV
Jacobean Consort Music Various 3.0 Viol
Continental Harmony. A collection of music, principally designed for Old Folks Concerts Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV
Album of Bass Songs Various 3.0 Bass, Pf
24 Country Dances for the Year 1791 Various 3.0 Sop
Recüeil de Plusieurs vieux Airs faits aux Sacres, Couronnements, Mariages et autres Solennitez faits sous les Regnes de François 1er, henry 3, henry 4 et Louis 13 avec plusieurs concerts faits pour leurs divertissement Recueillis par Philidor l'Aisné Various 3.0 Alt, Alt, Bass, Sop, Sop
The pleasant musical companion; being a choice collection of catches, for three and four voices. Compos'd by Dr. John Blow, the late Mr. Henry Purcell and other eminent masters Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV
Mozart=Album Various 3.0 Ch
The American Patriotic Song-Book Various 3.0 VV
L'Atenaide Various 3.0 Ch, Orch, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV, VV
Der Kleine Violinist Various 3.0 Pf, Vn
Aria di camera Various 3.0 Fl
Button and Whitaker's Elegant New Dances for 1810 Various 3.0 Hp
4 Madrigals Various 3.0 VV, VV, VV, VV, VV
The Sunday School Music Book. Various 3.0 V
National Anthems Various 3.0 Pf