Just Play

Get up to $300 towards an informal public performance!


ACMP awards micro-grants to help chamber music ensembles showcase work they have rehearsed and prepared in an informal concert setting. All players in the ensemble must be members of ACMP.

Some examples of eligible expenses are venue rental, refreshments, staffing costs, piano tuning, instrument rental, chair rental, advertising, printing costs for flyers/programs, audio/video documentation, photography.

ACMP does not support the purchase of sheet music or equipment or artist fees for professional musicians.


Eligible Recipients

  • Amateur Chamber Ensembles
  • Individuals


  • All ensemble members must be ACMP members listed in the Directory of Chamber Musicians
  • Ensembles may apply multiple times but can only receive a maximum total of $300 per fiscal year (August 1 - July 31) through this program


All players in the ensemble must be members of ACMP listed in the Directory of Chamber Musicians.

ACMP does not fund Just Play concerts retroactively. Please submit your application a minimum of two weeks before your concert date.

To complete this simple one-page application form, you will need to certify that all players in your ensemble are members of ACMP, and provide the following information:

  • Names and instruments of all ensemble members
  • Date and time of the performance
  • Name and address of the venue
  • Proposed repertoire (subject to change)
  • Total expenses and other income
  • A breakdown of your expenses for this concert

ACMP requires that you acknowledge its support and include its logo on your printed programs and all printed and digital publicity materials. After your concert, please email jbrock@acmp.net with a brief report of your event, including the concert program and photos and video footage (if you have it) for potential posting in the ACMP blog and social media.

At a Glance

  • Maximum Request $300.00
  • Apply Now ACMP accepts applications anytime


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